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My dob is abc and time is def, Will I be successful in my Love?

It is the question most often put to astrologers. My friend, I compared 350 birth charts of people who were successful in their love (meaning their marriage was love marriage) and 350 birth charts of people whose marriage was arranged marriage (means I assume they were not successful in their relationship). We compared 40+ different astrological configurations of Venus, Moon, Neptune, 5th and other houses and their lords which are assumed by astrology as important for success in love. We DID NOT FIND ANY SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in the two groups. We did a lot more research before we concluded. The short answer to your question is that astrology has no merit at all in predicting Love. Don't waste any more of your time or money on astrology. We highly recommend you spend this time on consulting an individual who is mature and balanced. If you want a long answer to your question (and proof based on number of experiments such as Never married Versus Long married, Divorcees Versus Long married, Mentally disabled Versus intelligent etc.) you may watch the video or read our blog Matrimony and astrology : A reality check or visit www.astrologyYesOrNo.com. It shows how astrology is not true to predict the impact of life in general or to predict love in particular.

What career line I should select? Will I be successful in career? I was born on .....

For career prospects astrologers will check your planets in 10th or 6th house, they will check strength of these houses and their lords and few more things. Ideally there should be substantial difference between the planets and various configurations of top celebrities and ordinary people like us on these counts, correct? But in our empirical test when we compared 740+ charts of top celebrities and 500+ ordinary people, we did not find any difference in positivity of planets, houses or lords of houses. Nothing stood out as MOST FREQUENTLY OBSERVED IN CHARTS OF CELEBRITIES or SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE. Friend, on the basis of our years on research on astrology we can tell you that astrology has nothing that can predict career prospects. If you want to decide on career line then there is even bigger blunder and YOU are at risk. If you navigate through 10 astrological sites or books, you will see 10 different correlations of which planet indicates which career line. There is no single rule that forecasts the career line. Somebody says Mars means defense work, other people say it's for a surgeon. My friend, trust me, astrology has nothing that can predict your career nor can it predict the success. Do a simple experiment. Go to the astrologer with 10 birth charts of people you know personally and ask him if he can tell their career lines correctly. If answers are 70 pc accurate you can give triple fee and take the consultation. There are rewards of millions of Rupees for such test (called as double blind tests) but no one has claimed yet, neither in India nor in the world. But you will see that if you put them to such kind of test suddenly they will become rude so we know this cannot be done practically. If you ask when I will prosper in career then they have an easy task... just to give you hope and send you back. Please do not become victim of such tactics. It does not work my friend, trust me. It is not the limitation of astrologer, but it is the limitation of astrology itself that they cannot predict anything accurately. Go through the blog on this site on an empirical testing done by team of Ph.D. holders / astrologers with the help of computer technique on thousands of charts or visit www.astrologyYesOrNo.com for more details. Conclusion is that - none of the rule astrologers follow are actually valid. It is a long read but invest time in taking such decisions that will save lot of time and disappointment later. If you read you will never ever use astrology again. In desperation people turn to astrology..we understand that. Career is a difficult decision but there is a classic decision making process used by all multinationals. Use that. You can also consult your career advisor or take psychological tests to see which career is best for you. That will help. Good Luck!

If you really have patience to read please read this paper - Comparison of Vedic astrology birth charts of celebrities with ordinary people: An empirical study, International Journal of Jyotish Research, 2021; 6(1): 104-116

(Volume 6, Issue 1, Part B, pages 104-116)

DOI : https://doi.org/10.22271/24564427.2021.v6.i1b.114

Your question has the answer. The very fact that astrological matching does not work itself proves that it has no meaning. It is a tragedy of our society that the system of astrological matching is used in our marriages for the generations without any testing. Not even a single time it is proved scientifically by taking 1000+ charts. On the contrary let me give here a proof of how it does not work.

Click on Research section and see the list of papers. It is clearly disproved based on empirical testing of Vedic astrology using birth charts of pairs of opposite qualities such as mentally disabled versus intelligent, celebrities versus ordinary people, divorcees versus long married etc using thousands of charts and using computer techniques for comparison. This is a unique work done for the first time at scale.

Astrologers can never give satisfactory explanation to scientific effect behind their predictions. Planets have effect on humans is a lame explanation which cannot explain the kind of predictions it makes. - e.g. If someone’s Venus is bad in the chart then it means it has a problem with marriage. How does this practically happens on the ground? Can this be explained? Imagine if there was a merit in astrology to get proven why the prominent astrologers would have not proved it. It would have been the best marketing tool for them but they did not. Astrologers can never prove astrology using large scale random samples (data collected by third party un-baisly) and using statistical tests. This is a good enough reason for sensible persons to not believe in astrology.

This is dangerous - I warn you this is dangerous - now astrology has started entering in healthcare. So far it was only marriage, career and other usual stuff. The real problem is astrology is never ever proven scientifically and under these circumstances do you really want to use it for taking decisions on health. While it was never proven yet we have disproved it beyond any doubt. Just click on my name above and you will see a website that explains the testing we carried out of this so called science.

Let me briefly tell you what we did - we took hundreds of birth charts of mentally disabled versus intelligent children. We found absolutely no difference in compliance of 22 fundamental rules of Vedic astrology that we tested. Those rules were therefore found invalid. These are the same rules used that are used to predict our life. Go through my profile and you will find hundreds of similar questions answered. I am sure the thoughts of astrology will come to your mind again and again because people talk about it, sometimes they also scare you. If you really want to get rid of them please read more and more research material (like mentioned above). We not only tested astrology in above experiment but also in number of other experiments such as Never married Versus Long married, Love marriage versus Arranged marriage, Cancer versus No Cancer etc. It shows how astrology is not true to predict any of the aspect of life in general and health in particular. Best of luck!

How do I know if I am going to be a legend in the future according to astrology?

This is exactly what we did in our empirical research of Vedic astrology - compared 742 charts of celebrities against 500 + charts of ordinary people using computer and statistical methods. The research paper is published recently but it could be quite boring for you to read. Go to AstrologyYesOrNo where we have given a brief summary of not only this comparison but several other pairs (never married versus long married, mentally disabled versus intelligent etc).

How do I know if I am going to be a legend in the future according to astrology?

People trust because it has legacy of thousands of years. The name Vedic astrology also gives the impression that it has come from Vedas, four most holy texts of Hindu religion.

People have not seen a black and white proof of disproving astrology yet. There are challanges in disproving astrology because there are number of versions of Astrology, if someone disproves one there is always another one that remains to stake the claim. Secondly, astrology is not writen as SOP (standard operating procedure) and intentionally there is lot of scope kept for interpretation and individually created rules. So again it cannot be disproved easily. Data is 3rd issue. When Astrology is disproved a lot of questions on accuracy of data and birth time are raised but when astrology book is written which state hundreds of rules such doubts are never raised. Despite this challanges we have disproved Vedic astrology through 10 years of committed research.

I can summarize our experiment and the outcome as below; We tested Vedic astrology by comparing charts of exactly opposite groups - Mentally retarded Versus Intelligent. We checked 22 most fundamental principles (like debilitated planet in conjugation with Saturn / Mars destructs the effect for which planet is significant, planet in cruel nakshatra gives malefic effect, Saturn / Mars in the house (or in opposite house) destructs effects for which the house is significant and so on…), hundreds of astrology rules, Ascendant characteristics, negativity of planets / houses, lords of houses, positivity etc.... To know more on how we formed two opposite groups, from where we collected data, which astrological principles we tested, what kind of statistical techniques we used and what came out of the tests etc. please visit www.astrologyYesOrNo.com

or refer to the research papers we published in various journals listed under RESEARCH section. The conclusion of our test was – Neither the principles of Vedic astrology we tested are valid individually nor in combination and there is absolutely no merit in Vedic astrology.

One more reason for the blind belief — the subject is complex and a common man shuts his mind the moment he has to become analytical and think complex. All the work mentioned above or similar research can change opinions if it is read in depth but that is usually not done nor the opinion is changed.

It is said that Supreme Court of India has given a judgement in 2004, saying Astrology is a science. How come you say it is not a science?

This is a confusion created intentionally by Astrology supporters but it is not TRUE. Here is Judgement given by SC. I have read it myself. No where it says that Astrology is a science. https://indiankanoon.org/doc/697794/?type=print

The case was filed by Scientists, well learned individuals like Shanti Bhushan for restricting UGC to introduce Jyotish Vigyan as a subject in Universities. The SC only says that UGC has rigth to decide what to teach and what not, and SC will not intervene. There have mentioned what both parties has claimed as part of Judgement format but those are not SC judgement. The Judgement only says SC will not intervene and the case is dismissed.