Our computer based solution

Our computer-based solution has 4 components.

Data: Date of birth, time, location and other details are arranged in excel sheet for both the groups.

Software for casting Birth Charts: Commercial APIs are used to cast Kundali for each data entry. 

Analyzer Engine: Does analysis as per astrology. It applies set of astrology rules to all planets, houses and lords of houses (e.g. is planet say Venus debilitated and Retro, Is lord of 7th house in conjugation with Saturn, etc) and measures which ones comply. It also calculates the compliance score (intensity with which compliance takes place) a concept which is complex to understand and hence explained elsewhere. A database consisting of Rules applied, rules complied, compliance score etc is created. Python based automation developed in this module enables the software to cast and process hundreds of birth charts of both Groups in one go.

Statistical testing: Two sample T test of significance is used for comparing averages of compliance in both groups. Chi-square test is used to compare compliance of individual rules in two groups.