मराठी वेबसाईट ज्योतिष शास्त्र खरंच आहे का ?

हिंदी वेबसाइट वैदिक ज्योतिष विद्या - सच या झूट?

We do not know your birth-chart yet but our prediction is - Today your life is going to change for sure! Go through our unique research and find out the answer to the question you always had - Is astrology YES or NO?

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Is astrology Yes or No? We figured out the answer to this question. The impact of this question on our lives is so HUGE that we had to do this. When 90 % of arranged marriages in India happen only after matching Kundalis and when 30-40 % of our population take their life decisions using astrology, without precisely knowing if it is really a science, someone had to find out the answer. It was no easy job, but we did it through a 10 year long committed research project. For the first time in India the astrology was put to test using a unique computer based solution and using thousands of birth charts. Yes, you heard it right... Thousands of birth charts. And we tested it scientifically and statistically ..by comparing exactly opposite groups - Cancer Versus No Cancer, Divorce Versus Long married life, Timely and happily married Versus Never married, Mentally retarded Versus Intelligent and so on. We checked hundreds of astrology rules, negativity of  planets / houses, lords of houses etc....to get an answer to this million dollar question - is astrology Yes or No? This is an  outcome of an unbiased research carried out by a team of researchers who are holding Ph.D. in science / statistics, have vast experience in astrology and have excellent background in computer techniques. The project was run as part of our obligation to society, by investing our own funds and has no commercial interest. We promise we will speak only data and the facts based on our research, nothing else. Browse this website and make your own decision once and for all today - whether you want to live  'astrology free' life, forever OR you want to continue relying on it. And that is why we predicted - Today your life is going to change for sure!

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