Who are we?

Dr. Nagesh Rajopadhye

Pune, India

  • Founder of AstrologyYesOrNo.com

  • Studied astrology for 25 years

  • Have more than 25 years of experience in IT

  • Retired Associate Director from Accenture, Global IT MNC

  • A hard core researcher,

    • Ph. D. in Solid State Physics from Pune University

    • Started career as a Sr. Scientist in ISRO

    • Moved to IT and worked to lead Innovation programs

    • Filed 5 patents in IT / communications

    • 22 papers in International journals

    • Researching astrology for past 10 years with the help of unique computer based analytics solution developed. Published several papers in International journal that disproves astrology.

Along with Dr. Rajopadhye a team of researchers work on this project. The team consists of astrologers, researchers, computer programmers, statisticians and analysts.